Patient satisfaction is hugely important to us which is why we always appreciate getting feedback from you. Here are some of the 5-star reviews Mr Michael Mouzakis has recently received on Trustpilot and RealSelf.


Patient satisfaction is hugely important to us which is why we always appreciate getting feedback from you. Here are some of the 5-star reviews Mr Michael Mouzakis has recently received on Trustpilot and RealSelf.

Hair transplant procedure journey story

Steve had a Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) hair transplant with Mr Michael Mouzakis at The Private Clinic. In this video he shares his experience.

“I had a FUE Hair transplant of around 2000 grafts implanted into the temples and hair line, at the private clinic in July 2021. I highly recommend Michael, Kerry and the other members of his team. Michael will give you honest advise about whether you should get a transplant and what to expect as a result, unlike other places he will be realistic with you. The surgery went fine and was uneventful. After the surgery they will check in with you and will be happy to address any issues you have.”

“I had a hair transplant back in February with Dr Michael Mouzakis. Im really happy with results so far and still haven’t seen final results yet. I would highly recommend.”

Great results with Michael Mouzakis (Dr Mooz)

Michael Mouzakis and his team provided fantastic service for my hair transplant operation. Pre and post op care was very thoughtful and the operation itself was as smooth and painless as could be. The results are fantastic and I would recommend Michael to anyone thinking of going down the transplant route.”

“I am a female, aged 47, who had hair recession that was causing me great distress. As soon as I met the lovely Michael Mouzakis and his kind, friendly team I felt that I was in good hands – and I really was. Everything was explained with great clarity. The transplant itself was almost painless and it was easy to follow the instructions as to aftercare. 7 months later I have a brilliant result. This procedure was one of the best investments I ever made and I highly recommend it to anybody who has lost confidence owing to hair loss.”

FUE with Dr Michael Mouzakis A++++

“I had an FUE procedure with Dr Michael Mouzakis in January 2021. Dr Mouzakis and his team were absolutely fantastic from start to finish. I had a consultation with Dr Mouzakis where he outlined his plan for my hair transplant, but the finished result was far better. His team made me feel comfortable and took care of my ever need over a two day period. I am now 10 months post-op and I am seeing amazing results. A huge thank you to the team and I highly recommend them.”

“I underwent a two day hair transplant procedure with Dr Michael Mouzakis at the Private Clinic in Harley Street in July 2021. Four months on and I am absolutely delighted with the results so far which look entirely natural and no-one has been able to tell that I had a procedure. I understand that the results will continue to improve over the next 12 months or so. Being very anxious on the day of the procedure, Dr Mouzakis was able to set my mind at rest in a calm and caring manner. I cannot recommend Dr Mouzakis and his brilliant team highly enough and only wish I had the procedure a few years earlier!”

Highly recommend, wonderful experience throughout

“I had surgery this year to repair a spilt ear lobe with the Northampton clinic. It was something that I was extremely embarrassed about and that knocked my self confidence. From consultation to having the operation and aftercare I could not fault anything. The whole team were so kind and so welcoming and I felt at such ease throughout the whole experience. I cannot Thank you enough to all of the team at Northampton including the receptionists, Dr Michael Mouzakis, and his assistant Bruno. I finally have my confidence back and not afraid to wear my hair up! So happy x”

Michael was very reassuring and extremely kind

“Fantastic. Michael was very reassuring and extremely kind. Always reachable and made me feel completely at ease through the entire process. Would strongly recommend. Great team and a very well thought out process. On the day, Michael and his team did a great in easing my nerves and ensured I was comfortable and happy with the procedure.”

Thrilled – I no longer wince at photos of myself!

“I had an FUE hair transplant with Mr Mouzakis about 4 months ago and am already really pleased with the results. As well as a receding hairline, I had scarring from an accident as a toddler. This made my hairline and density across the front asymmetrical, which I was self-conscious of for decades. I eventually had a consultation with Michael and he was clear and honest in setting my expectations and discussing the risks involved, but overall felt that the results should be good.
During the procedure, I was extremely well looked after by the whole team and was provided good post-operative care instruction.

There was a risk that the implanted hair might not take as well on the scar tissue, but the hair was packed as dense as possible to mitigate this and I’m thrilled to say that the scarring from my accident is no longer visible and the hair is growing evenly. I now feel that I have a more natural hairline than I can ever remember having and am excited to see how it continues to progress. I no longer wince at photos of myself and friends and family have already been extremely complimentary.
I am really grateful for the advice and care provided and would recommend to anyone considering FUE, to at least have a consultation so you can make an informed decision. Michael treats the session as a medical consultation (which it is!) and not a sales pitch.”

Excellent Result

“Very pleased with the outcome. I had a revision procedure with Mr Mouzakis. After having an FUT elsewhere, I was not happy at all. After researching and seeing different doctors, I chose to have a revision procedure and I didn’t regret it. Best choice ever. I wish I had my first procedure at the TPC by Dr Mooz.”

“I am happy with the results so far and the hairline looks very natural, although not as much coverage as expected. Unfortunately I have experienced further hair loss behind the hairline and in need of another procedure. I would recommend the Private Clinic, specifically Dr Mouzakis for his skill and ability to produce natural results. “

“A great experience. Mr Mouzakis and his team were professional and friendly during my procedure. The level of communication and support has been great throughout. I’m delighted with the results. I would highly recommend The Private Clinic to anyone considering any form of elective surgery.”

Fantastic Results

“I had a very pleasant experience with Dr Mouzakis! He was very informative and optimistic, whilst tempering my expectations to ensure they were in line with reality and not a deluded fantasy. He was honest and straight talking from the get go, but in a nice manner that gave me confidence going into the procedure. His team were very professional in the follow up phase, answering all of my concerns in a timely manner. He was very attentive to detail and always made sure I was happy with how things were progressing (from the pro-op stage right the way through to the follow ups). His work so far has left me externally happy and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to get a new head of hair :)”

Amazing Experience I Wish I Had Done It Sooner!

“Thanks to Michael this procedure has completely changed my face. I was put totally at ease and had fabulous aftercare. I wish I had done this years ago. From the initial consultation to the procedure was 6 days and the staff couldn’t have been more helpful. I would recommend this to anyone who has similar!”

“Very impressed with the London clinic staff and Mr Michael Mouzakis. Made me feel at ease and really happy with the result, such a easy straightforward process from start to finish. I would definitely recommend.”

A Great Company! 5*

“When investigating FUE I found it a real minefield. Eventually, I enquired with ‘The Private Clinic of Harley Street’. The reason I chose the company was for many reasons, including, 1. They have been established for over 30 years 2. They have a clinic in my home town, Northampton 3. The company’s head office was on the reassuring prestigious Harley Street 4. The reviews on various forums were excellent. In light of the covid pandemic, the team were accommodating; they put my concerns to rest at every stage and were highly professional. Following an introduction to the consultant plastic surgeon Mr. Michael Mouzakis, is was clear he suited me very well. Firstly I reviewed Michael’s credentials online, including his private website, LinkedIn, and ‘The Private Clinics’ website, which gave me the confidence to book a private consultation. During this initial meeting, I quickly realized Michael was the professional for me. I found him extremely knowledgeable, honest, and not afraid to give me the advice I needed, not always agreeing; he guided me through the process, and his passion for achieving the best results was very clear! After this meeting, within the hour, I was emailed a precise itemized quotation outlining the advice and proposed treatment which I later confirmed and booked.On the big day, I was treated exceptionally well by all the team and made to feel very welcome indeed. The procedure was very fast, very professional, with excellent communication throughout the day.Following the procedure, I was given a goodie bag with clear instructions, medicine, and all the bits I needed for the recovery week.Three weeks later, I have hair growing where there was once none and nearly fully recovered.Looking forward to seeing the results later this year as the hair grows. Excellent job!”

“For anyone reading this and thinking about a hair transplant. @dr.mooz did mine in 2016. It was amazing, he was amazing, the care I received was off the charts and I couldn’t recommend him highly enough! Stop looking around! Make the appointment, speak to Michael, change your life!!”

The Best Possible Experience

“In the build-up, the consultation, and the procedure I could not have asked for a better surgeon to carry out my procedure. At every opportunity, Dr Mouzakis made me feel comfortable and always made sure there was no discomfort or pain during the procedure. Letting me know the process bit by bit as we went and letting me know what was coming up next. I would have no issue recommending and even revisiting Dr. Mouzakis in the future for any other procedure I may need.”

“Very pleased with the hair graft procedure and aftercare I received from Dr Mouzakis at TPC. Being a completely new experience for me Dr M was able to advise through every step of the journey which was a huge factor for me when considering a domestic procedure. The procedure itself was very comfortable and I would not hesitate to use Dr M again in the future. 12 months on and I am delighted with the result.”

Amazing Experience

“Dr Mouzakis is a fantastic surgeon and doctor who can guarantee the best results. I’m exceedingly satisfied with the professionalism and the approach of Dr Mouzakis who made me feel like home from the first moment. He is very confident and side by side we decided for the best treatment plan. The result today looks amazing ! I would totally recommend him !!!”

“I highly recommend Dr Mouzakis and the Private Clinic for any sort of cosmetic procedure. I had two moles removed from my face (and one from a more tricky area) and was entirely pleased with the process from start to finish. The initial consultation was quick and easy and gave me all the options I could choose from. The procedure itself was quick, professional, and mostly painless (aside from the anaesthetic shots) – perhaps one hour tops from walking in the door to leaving. And almost six months on, the scars are fading nicely and I’m very pleased with the results. Would return in the future.”

Amazing Results and a Good Experience

“The entire experience was fantastic. I was naturally apprehensive as this was my first cosmetic surgery however, Mr Mouzakis put me at ease during the consultation process explaining the procedure step by step and allowing me time to process.

During the procedure I was relaxed and comfortable with what was going on and the few instances that I felt pain Mr Mouzakis stopped and allowed me some time before continuing.

I am very happy with the results and the entire procedure and would thoroughly recommend both the procedure and Mr Mouzakis to anyone wanting to undertake a hair transplant.”

“I would highly recommend Dr Mouzakis if you are thinking of having surgery for cosmetic reasons. I am really happy with the results of the removal of my xanthelasma. He is really professional knows what he is doing and very kind friendly and patient doctor.”

Great Team for Excellent Results

“My whole experience with The Private clinic has been fantastic! Upon booking my first consultation the staff were brilliant and very friendly, covered all questions I had. I had my surgery with Mr. Mouzakis, who is a truly talented and smashing person! He explained every detail and answered all questions asked which gave me great confidence.

On the surgery day, Mr. Mouzakis and the hospital staff were brilliant and did everything they could for me. I am now 6 weeks post-op and the results are amazing. My patient advisors have been fantastic and kept checking how I was feeling after having the surgery. They made the whole experience feel very personal and as though they cared about the individual patient! Thank you so much to the whole team!”

“Absolutely brilliant from beginning to end. I’m so pleased I had the procedure & I cannot fault any part of the process at all. I’m so pleased with the results too. Mr Michael Mouzakis and all of the other staff who tended to me have been wonderful.”

“I had a cyst removal on cheek bone. I’m happy with the results, I strongly recommend The Private Clinic. Special thanks to Dr Mouzakis and his team that helped me and treated my problem!”

“For a number of years I was having trouble with my earlobe, continuously buying larger ear studs to cover the enlarged hole. I eventually took the decision to contact The Private Clinic, and it was the best decision I could have made. I know it was only a small procedure, but on arriving at the Clinic and feeling apprehensive I was made to feel comfortable by Brenda and introduced to Mr Mouzakis for my consultation. Everything was explained and the decision was left to me, if I want to have the hole coved. Thank You All Miriam The day of the procedure again I was made to feel relaxed and honestly didn’t feel anything. I received phone calls prior to the procedure and also after, and I returned a few months later for another check up with Mr Mouzakis. I would recommend anyone who even has the smallest cosmetic problem, that is annoying them to consider visiting Mr Mouzakis and The Private Clinic.”

Dr Mouzakis Gained my Trust Instantly with His Professionalism and Politeness

“A really positive experience at the Harley street clinic. Mr Mouzakis and the staff looked after me very well both pre and post op. Dr Mouzakis also did a great job on my hair. Very pleased with the results so far.”

“In early December 2020 I had a procedure performed by Mr Michael Mouzakis, (Plastic Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgeon) at the Private Clinic. He and his amazing and very friendly team made the whole experience very professional and reassuring. Michael was very diligent in ensuring that I was 100% happy with the procedure, explaining in great detail what was planned and gave me plenty of opportunity to change my mind. The result was exactly what I wanted and the post operative follow-up was excellent. I whole heartedly recommend Michael and the Private Clinic”

“I was very happy with the entire process and would fully recommend Dr Mouzakis and the Private Clinic.”

“I had 2 large moles removed from my face which I was very nervous about. They all were so kind and professional throughout, and helped with all the details so I fully understood all the after care and procedure. I’m so pleased with the results and can’t believe how simple and swift everything seemed to Mr Michael Mouzakis. I can’t remember the nurse’s name but she was an absolute star too! Thank you”

“I had a FUE transplant with Michael Mouzakis. Really pleased with the result. Mike and the team were absolutely brilliant and a real credit to the Private Clinic. I would recommend Michael to anyone who wants a real professional to take care of them. God bless you, Michael.”

Very Professional and Skilled

“I had a cosmetic procedure done… Botox on my forehead… the doctor was very professional and listened to my concerns and was gentle in his approach… no pain whatsoever. I loved the result, and will definitely recommend to others!”

“After years of feeling self conscious about my ears, I decided to enquire about the relatively new ‘Earfold’ procedure. I visited The Private Clinic in Bristol where I was welcomed very warmly by all members of the team. After filling out the necessary paperwork, I was called in for my consultation with Dr Mouzakis. Dr Mouzakis and Chantelle (a member of the team that sat in) were very kind, listened attentively and overall, made me feel very comfortable. Fast forward a month and I was in the clinic having my procedure, the nursing staff and Dr Mouzakis were excellent, they made me feel comfortable and the level of care was excellent. Thank you to all members of the team, I cannot recommend you more highly.”

“My opinion is, the convenience of location was a bonus. It’s not always a case of staff & how well your treatment worked out. This clinic in Leeds was just a short walk from the train station. This put me off Bridgwater in Manchester. Which was a good temptation when I checked it out. One thing I didn’t realise until my surgeon Michail Mouzakis explained it. In the future, in my case an eyebrow transplant. That further treatment was on offer at no extra expense. This can maximise your results. It is the same principle as having treatment at the dentist. Good staff, spot on team. I can’t see how anyone could give this place a bad review.”

“A really positive experience at the Birmingham clinic. Steve and the staff looked after me very well both pre and post op. Dr Mouzakis also did a great job on my hair. Very pleased with the results so far.”

“After looking at plenty of clinics for a hair transplant I settled on the private clinic in Leeds after reading the great reviews. From the initial consultation with Dr Mouzakis, Sorena and Nabeel to the day of my transplant the team have been superb. The surgery was practically painless and very happy with my new hairline , all the team were constantly ensuring I was ok and were very professional. The Aftercare I have received has been great I’ve had phone call already to check how I am and can phone at any time if I need any advice. Would recommended Dr Mouzakis and the Leeds team to use for a hair transplant.”

“Yesterday I had a hair transplant at Leeds clinic. All of the staff from the doctors to the receptionists were lovely. Sorena, my patient co-ordinator, went out of her way to help me find a suitable treatment option as I am a student on a limited budget, and we managed to decide on something that would give me great results within my price range. My surgical team, Dr. Mouzakis, Monica, and Nabeel, did a fantastic job. Dr Mouzakis spent a lot of time designing my new hairline with me, I was not made to feel rushed or silly for voicing any questions I had, and in the end I took his advice on the hairline design because he seemed very knowledgable on what would give the best appearance for me. I am pleased with the results, although obviously it has only been one day so I cannot comment on the final results! However, one day later I have no pain and am feeling good about the procedure. Looking forward to my review in 2 weeks.”

“Would just like to thank the team at the clinic for my excellent treatment I received for my hair transplant procedure on 4/4/17. From the warm friendly welcome from Kelly who couldn’t do enough for me at reception and was extremely warm and welcoming, to the surgeon Dr Michail Mouzakis who gave a pain free procedure with great initial results providing total care, professionalism and concern for my well being throughout the procedure. His team Maca and Monika were also fantastic showing total care and attentiveness to my needs throughout the procedure and ensuring any minor pain I experienced was dealt with immediately. At the end of the procedure all my after care needs were explained clear and concise in order to give me complete confidence in how to maintrinsic results. I cannot speak highly enough of the experience and would recommend the private clinic to anyone thinking about having the same procedure. Many thanks, Chris.”

“I went to the Private Clinic in Birmingham for my consultation for a hair transplant in January this year, it was booked with Steven, upon arrival at the clinic i can honestly say i was completed at ease and relaxed. Steven was fantastic during the consultation, he told me the ins and outs of the procedure and various things involving pre and post care. He’s such a loverly professional guy yet very approachable. On the 22nd of march, the day lf the transplant i got to clinic bright and breezy which again i was met by the loverly Steven who chilled me out a little before surgery, the transplants went extremely well no pain and was pretty much relaxed throughout !! Dr Mouzakis and his team worked so well that day not only with the transplant but just being really friendly !!would not hesitate in recommending the Private clinic in the future ! Thank you.”

“Having undergone the FUE hair transplant procedure at the Leeds clinic I can safely say it was one of the best decisions I ever made. From the initial consultation with Sorena to the actual procedure carried out by Dr Mouzakis I felt well informed and well cared for . Also not forgetting Nabeel and Monica who were extremely helpful and very professional even after the procedure. Overall I found it to be a very positive experience and was given realistic expectations . As both Nabeel and Sorena say “we are just one big family” , well I definitely felt like I was part of the family . If anyone is contemplating a hair transplant, I would highly recommend The Private Clinic. Thanks guys! Look forward to seeing you soon.”

“I had an FUE hair transplant on December 22 2020 at The Private Clinic in Birmingham. From the initial contact with Lucy Smith on reception until the follow up call the day after the procedure I felt at absolute ease and knew I had made the right choice. My phone consultation a few weeks before with Wanda Booth was very straightforward. Wanda was keen to listen to me and had a very empathetic ear (very important with the taboo subject of male pattern hair loss!) At this point its probably wise to mention I had had a video call consultation with another national hair transplant company (FUE Clinics) at the end of November and there was no comparison in my mind – no pushy sales people here! A week or so later I had a face to face consultation at the clinic, where I got to put a face to the names of the kind and professional staff that I had spoken to. I met my surgeon, Mr Mouzakis who asked me what I wanted and what he could achieve. He talked me through how the procedure would go and at no point did I feel obligated or under pressure to go book there and then. He was very professional and obviously knows his stuff, Mr Rock’n’Roll of FUE! Yet down to earth enough to answer all of my layman’s questions in a way I would understand. I had to have a Covid test a few days prior to my surgery which was arranged by Lucy. A couple of days before d-day I had a call from her saying that the results may not be back in time, she was preempting a possible rebooking. Lucy went above and beyond trying to find me another way to get a test, and she did, both came back in time in the end but fantastic service, thank you Lucy! The day of my surgery arrived and all went very well, I was treated like royalty by Mr Mouzakis and his hair tech team, Kindrea and Nabeel. Even given lunch! I was very nervous on the day but instantly felt a lot more chilled out after meeting the team and seeing how they all work together. I must mention Selina the nurse too, she was very helpful and friendly on the pre-op and post-op phone calls, answering all of my questions and just generally being awesome. They’re just a phone call away with any questions that I have, a really important thing for me with something like this. Final results are too far off to tell yet but I know they will be great as I took my time to make sure I booked in with a well established company. I’m in a customer facing role and customer service is a big part of my role – these guys have a brilliant team and everyone of them does their job to perfection – a huge thank you to all of you, I’ve already recommended you to a few people and who knows, I may see you again in the future! A++++++++”

“I’m now twelve days on from my FUE procedure with Dr Mouzakis at The Private Clinic, Birmingham and I’m so happy with the results so far. I had my consultation with Dr Mouzakis on November 12th and was swiftly booked in for the procedure on November 30th. I’m 35yrs old and have been considering a Hair Transplant for about a year (having started to recede in my late twenties). I researched everything before signing up… I read every word ever written on FUE’s, I read the forums, watched the videos, read the reviews, considered going abroad and even had two consultations with two different clinics BEFORE travelling down to Birmingham to meet Dr Mouzakis at The Private Clinic. Now I live in Glasgow so the five hour drive was no easier than flying to Turkey for example but when undergoing a procedure to alter your appearance, there has to be more to the decision making process than simply cost. Upon entering The Private Clinic in Birmingham, I was immediately at ease. The staff there are so welcoming and friendly and the clinic itself is smart, clean and calm. I liked the environment. I went upstairs where I was introduced to Dr Mouzakis and immediately I liked his approach. Having already done so much research and having had two consultations already, I was quite clued up on what was and wasn’t possible and I asked Dr Mouzakis some questions really to test his response… He answered everything exactly the way I hoped he would, was very honest about where my expectations should be and there were no false promises. I also asked him some questions on cost and his response was perfect “I’m sorry Douglas, any cost questions you will have to take up with the office staff, to me you are a patient…not a client”. Decision made…we’ve found our man. On the day of the procedure, we started shortly after 9am and spent about four hours on extracting the follicles. We broke for lunch then we discussed and designed my new hairline before going back into the surgery for the implantation stage. His advice on my new hairline was superb and I’m already so pleased with the result. It looks very natural and as my wife said, it looks “age appropriate”. I could go on and on about how satisfied I am with the clinic and Dr Mouzakis but I reckon anyone reading this will already get the picture. In summary, I travelled over three hundred miles to do this procedure with The Private Clinic in Birmingham and I’d recommend them and in particular Dr Mouzakis to anyone, anywhere in The UK. Regards price, they are in line with the rest of the reputable clinics in The UK so price isn’t really a consideration. Add to that the peace of mind that comes with using a UK clinic with the pedigree of TPC is priceless. Remember: The best work is never cheap and Cheap work is never the best!”