Zoom boom behind a rise in demand for hair transplants

hair transplant

With almost a year of some sort of lockdown under our belts and working from home very much the new normal, Zoom (or whatever equivalent platform your company prefers) has become part of our everyday lives.

And whilst there’s no doubt that video conferencing has made the transition from office life much easier, it does have its downsides. According to the Guardian, plastic surgeons in the UK reported a 70% rise in demand for video consultations in 2020. A boom fuelled, they believe, by the pressure to look good on Zoom calls.

Celebrities lead the way

Comedian Jimmy Carr has been reported to have undergone a hair transplant as well as having his teeth fixed recently. And he’s not alone, as other men are looking at ways to improve their appearance during lockdown.

Hair transplants are among the most popular cosmetic procedures for men, and for very good reason. A receding hairline, whilst not at all uncommon in men aged 30 plus, can be very ageing. A hair transplant offers a very effective and yet subtle way to shave some years off.

Lockdown hair transplants

With case numbers now falling rapidly but a few months still to go before we see restrictions lifted entirely, there has never been a better time to undergo a hair transplant.

Now that working from home has become the norm for most of us, employers are having to be more flexible. This might help to fit your procedure into your working week without taking time off. And as a hair transplant is performed under local anaesthetic, recovery time is minimal. So you can get straight back to work after your op.

And there’s no need to be embarrassed in social situations while you wait for the new hair to grow. You can simply style it out with a shaved head over Zoom.

And once summer is here and life begins to return to normal, your new hairline will be well established and ready to show off.

Minimising the risk

Of course, the pandemic is still a very real part of our lives. It is understandable that people might feel cautious about entering a clinic.

Mr Michael Mouzakis performs hair transplant procedures at The Private Clinic, where every precaution is being taken to ensure the safety of our clients and our staff.

Consultations can take place over the phone or by video call. There is no need to leave the safety of your home until the day of the procedure.

When you do come to the clinic for your procedure, you will be asked to come alone, no more than five minutes before your appointment. Our staff will be wearing full PPE, and we ask that everyone follow social distancing guidelines where possible.

Things are starting to look up, so don’t let your hairline get you down. For more information or to book a consultation, please contact us at The Private Clinic of Harley Street on 020 3325 6540.