Top 5 liposuction myths

Liposuction myths

Liposuction is one of the UK’s most popular cosmetic surgery procedures for both men and women, yet there are some common misconceptions.

Lipo myth #1: Liposuction is not suitable for older patients

If you are in good health with realistic expectations, then liposuction can be an effective body contouring procedure. However, as we get older we lose collagen and elastin, components in the skin which gives it support and structure and skin elasticity is one of the most important considerations when deciding if you’re suitable for liposuction, as the skin needs to retract to your new contours.

Lipo myth #2: Liposuction can reduce cellulite

Cellulite is not just a fat problem. Subcutaneous fat is trapped by constrictive bands of tissue which pushes it up against the skin causing the dimpled appearance. Liposuction is effective at removing soft, fatty tissue and does not target fibrous tissue.

Lipo myth #3: Liposuction is a quick fix

Liposuction can remove stubborn pockets of fat permanently, but it is important to maintain a healthy weight to maintain your results. While you will be left with fewer fat cells, the remaining fat cells can still become enlarged if you put on weight. 

Lipo myth #4: Liposuction isn’t surgery

Often liposuction isn’t considered a surgical procedure. Unlike the lengthy incisions made during an abdominoplasty or arm lift, small incisions are made through which to insert the cannula. However, conventional liposuction will be performed under a general anaesthetic or heavy sedation and involves a degree of downtime. You’ll also be given comprehensive aftercare instructions, such as avoiding strenuous exercise for the first few weeks.

Dr Mooz offers micro-cannula liposuction and there are several advantages over traditional liposuction:

  • MicroLipo is carried out under local anaesthetic
  • There is minimal risk of bleeding, bruising and discomfort
  • No stitches are required
  • Typically you can return to work within just a couple of days and exercise within a week 

Lipo myth #5: Liposuction is just for women

In the most recent official UK plastic surgery figures, liposuction was in the top 5 most popular cosmetic surgery procedures for men, up by 11% compared to the previous year. However, men and women accumulate fat differently and women often want fat removed from their thighs and hips, while men typically focus on the stomach and chest area and even the area under the chin.

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