Overplucked brows? Why an eyebrow transplant could be the solution

eyebrow transplant

Over the last decade, we’ve become obsessed with the state of our eyebrows, from watching Instagram tutorials to spending hundreds of pounds on new brow fillers and gels to achieve full, beautiful brows. Market research company NPD recently released data that shows British women spend on average £200 on eyebrow grooming alone.

However, many years of overplucking or shaping your brows may have left them looking sparse. Pulling out the hair follicles can damage the area underneath the follicle, preventing them from regrowing. Each hair is connected to a tiny blood vessel which keeps it healthy. Once the vessel is ruptured, the hair might not grow back.

New advances such as microblading can mimic the appearance of a full brow by tattooing tiny strokes of ink to resemble hairs, but this is only temporary and sometimes the results can look less than natural.

Recently, though, Chrissy Teigen’s unveiling of the results of her latest beauty tweakment has put the eyebrow transplant firmly in the spotlight.

What is an eyebrow transplant?

Eyebrow transplants aren’t new, but the quality has increased rapidly as practitioner skill and the technology they use has developed.

Eyebrow transplants are performed in a similar way to a conventional hair transplant. Mr Michael Mouzakis will take hair grafts from a donor area, typically the back of the scalp, and then individual hair follicles are grafted into the eyebrow area.

Preparation is key to achieve a natural look. The first step is to agree the size, shape and density of the eyebrows. The area is carefully marked beforehand to shape the brow and fill in any areas that have become thin. Mr Mouzakis will note the margins, midlines and peak points of the brows.

Once the hair follicles have been harvested from the scalp, they are prepared and trimmed down. A small amount of numbing agent is injected into the brow area and the hair follicles are carefully inserted.

Recovery is quick after an eyebrow transplant and you’ll see the results immediately, although it can take six months to the new hair follicles to fully graft. Once the scalp hairs have grafted to the new area, they are more likely to grow quicker than normal eyebrow hair, so you’ll need to maintain the shape and length regularly.

eyebrow transplant results

As well as those patients that have overplucked their brows in the past, this procedure can be performed on patients that have lost their brows for other reasons. Following an acid attack in 2008 where she lost her natural brows, Katie Piper recently underwent a successful eyebrow transplant.

For a permanent solution to thin or non-existent eyebrows, call 020 3325 6540 to find out if you’re suitable for an eyebrow transplant.