Hair transplants can make you look great now!

hair transplants

Hair transplants can get a bad rap. From the obvious plugs of the nineties to glaring scars at the back of the head, many people are put off by the transplants of old.

But times have changed, and hair transplants these days are hugely effective and often undetectable. Here’s why:

Technology has moved on

If you think back to the computer games we played in the nineties and then consider the virtual reality gaming of today, perhaps it becomes slightly less surprising that medical technology has improved too.

Hair transplants today use a process called FUE, or follicular unit extraction. Instead of harvesting a strip of follicles from the back of the head (leaving a large, unsightly scar), follicles are individually removed from a range of areas. This is usually around the back and sides of the head. They are then implanted into the thinning areas, using a pen-like device.

Because the follicles are transplanted individually, it is virtually impossible to detect where they have been removed from the donor site. They can be implanted in a way which exactly mimics a natural hairline.

It is practically guaranteed to succeed

There are myriad hair loss treatment options out there, but while drugs and topical treatments often only have limited success, hair transplant surgery is almost guaranteed to work.

It may take a while for the implanted hairs to grow, but grow they will, and what’s more, they won’t fall out. The hairs at the back and side of the head are genetically different from those at the top of the head and are not susceptible to male pattern hair loss.

And you don’t need to be concerned about the transplant being obvious in the days and weeks after the procedure. Mr Michael Mouzakis offers an unshaven hair transplant option. This means the surgery is virtually undetectable from day one.

Things to consider

A hair transplant is an expensive option, so it’s important to give it the best chance of success. If you have only recently started losing your hair, it is worth considering that whilst the transplanted hair won’t fall out, the natural hairs behind them may still thin as time goes on.

If you’d prefer not to delay your transplant for this reason, it might be worth considering combining a hair transplant with some prescription hair loss drugs. Finasteride and minoxidil are the most popular hair loss drugs for strengthening the remaining hair follicles and avoid further hair loss in future.

It will take up to six months before you start to see an improvement in hair growth in the area, and it might be a year before those hairs reach their full thickness. By that stage, you should have a full and youthful hairline, that no one would ever guess isn’t entirely natural.

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