Droopy breasts? Consider breast uplift surgery

breast uplift surgery

National Breastfeeding Week falls on 20th-26th June this year, and we are keen to lend our support to this worthy cause.

If you are able to, breastfeeding is the best and simplest way to give your baby all the nutrients s/he needs, whilst also fostering a bond that will last a lifetime.

Once your child is weaned, however, some women do find that their breasts have lost the perkiness of youth. This gradual drooping of the breasts does happen eventually anyway, of course, as age and gravity begin to take their toll.

But the swelling of the breasts as the milk glands fill can cause the fibrous tissues of the breasts to stretch and break down earlier than they might otherwise. Which in turn can leave many women feeling older than their years.

Breast uplift surgery

If this problem sounds familiar to you, you might be pleased to know that there is a solution available. Of course, advancements in underwear and shaping technology mean that these days most of us can create the illusion of a reasonable figure with our clothes on.

But if what greets you in the mirror when you shed your clothes is getting you down, then breast uplift surgery or mastopexy could provide the answer.

Unlike breast augmentation surgery, the aim of an uplift is not to make your breasts larger, but to restore them to a more youthful shape and position on the breast.

What happens during a breast uplift procedure?

There are different types of uplift surgery available, and in a consultation Dr Michael Mouzakis will talk through your options with you. The treatment that you choose will also depend on the size of your breasts and the result you are looking for.

Most commonly, a cut is made around your areola (nipple), and another vertical incision is made running down from the nipple underneath the breast. Any loose tissue is removed, the nipple is repositioned to a higher point on the breast, and the incisions are sewn up.

Can I have an augmentation at the same time?

If you would like your breasts to be made larger as well as more pert, it is possible to combine a breast augmentation with uplift surgery.

Mr Mouzakis uses Motiva implants, a premium breast implant brand. They have an impeccable safety record and a low complication rate. Another increasingly popular option is a natural breast augmentation. He can also enhance the shape and size of the breasts with fat transferred from a donor site. This will provide a more youthful result than uplift surgery alone, as it gives more fullness above the nipple.

What should I expect after surgery?

Mr Michael Mouzakis will explain everything in your consultation, but breast uplift surgery is usually performed as a hospital day case using a general anaesthetic.

You should be able to get up and walk around on the day of surgery, and back to light activity levels after a fortnight. Most patients choose to take two weeks off work anyway, as your breasts will be swollen and tender after surgery.

Within six weeks you should be able to exercise as usual. But it can take several months for the initial swelling to settle and for the final results to become visible.

Most women are extremely pleased with the results of breast uplift surgery. They also find that their confidence and self esteem is improved dramatically. You can ensure the best results by following the advice of Mr Mouzakis post surgery.

If you are keen to find out more about breast uplift surgery or breast augmentation, book an appointment with Mr Michael Mouzakis at The Private Clinic of Harley Street, call us on 020 3325 6540.