Dr Mooz becomes the master!

Hi Def Lipo with Dr Mooz

The very best surgeons are committed to continuous learning and expanding their skills for their patients’ benefit. Dr Mooz recently completed a three-day training course with Dr Alfredo Hoyos, a world-leader in body contouring surgery and hi def lipo, and has become a Total Definer Master.

During the three-day course, Dr Mooz was trained in all aspects of high definition body contouring using Vaser ultrasound technology. For both male and female patients, there was training in static and dynamic surgical markings pre-surgery and an emphasis on the multi-dimensional approach of body contouring.

Hands-on guidance gave an emphasis to the key areas of concern that patients may have – the back, abdomen, glutes, arms, legs and chest. Fat transfer to further enhance the results was also covered.

Dr Mooz is now on the official Total Definer site, as one in only ten definer surgeons qualified in the UK.

What can high definition lipo achieve?

Also known as Hi-Def Lipo, liposculpturing or 4D Lipo, Vaser liposuction allows surgeons to create more artistic, defined results than conventional liposuction. Vaser uses ultrasound technology to break up and loosen the fat cells before they are extracted using the smallest cannulas. As a result, it’s possible to sculpt closely to the muscles, revealing a more athletic, toned physique.

As the fat cells are gently removed with little damage to the surrounding connective tissue, veins and nerves, patients do not experience the same degree of discomfort, bruising and swelling that they can feel after traditional lipo.

Benefits include:

  • Procedure is always performed under sedation so no general anaesthetic
  • Safely removes a larger amount of fat
  • Quicker recovery
  • Less swelling and bruising afterwards
  • Less pain and discomfort are reported
  • Only tiny incisions are required so no visible scarring once healed

Every Vaser procedure is unique as it depends on your individual physique and your goals. During your consultation with Dr Mooz, he will discuss in depth what you’re hoping to achieve and can then advise you on what you can expect from surgery. To book a consultation, call us on 020 3325 6540.