7 benefits of MicroLipo

Benefits of MicroLipo

Bothered about a double chin or unhappy with lack of thigh gap? Most of us have at least one area of the body that we’re less that satisfied with, however careful we are about what we eat or how much we work out.

Liposuction is one of the UK’s most popular cosmetic surgery procedures for both men and women as it is a highly effective method of eliminating unwanted fat and enhancing the physique. MicroLipo is an advanced liposuction technique performed by London body sculpting expert Mr Michael Mouzakis.

Benefits of MicroLipo:

#1 Less damage, less downtime

 Micro-cannula liposuction or MicroLipo gets its name from the size of the cannulas that are used to emulsify and remove the fat. In traditional liposuction, the cannulas are usually larger than 6 millimetres whereas in MicroLipo the cannula ranges from the smallest of which is just 0.9mm wide and the largest of which is 3mm. As a result, there is less damage to the surrounding tissue, so less bruising and swelling. 

#2 Minimal or no blood loss

 Tumescent liposuction involves injecting a solution of saline mixed with local anaesthetic and adrenaline which shrinks the blood vessels. There is minimal risk of excessive bleeding after MicroLipo.

#3 Performed under local anaesthetic

MicroLipo is performed under local anaesthetic so the risks and recovery associated with a general anaesthetic are eliminated.

#4 Can be repeated

Up to 3.5 litres of fat can be removed in one session and multiple areas can be treated at the same time. However, it is very safe to have a repeat session if further body sculpting is required.

#5 Smooth contours

MicroLipo’s tiny cannula means Mr Michael Mouzakis has full control over the procedure and there is minimal chance of too much fat being removed which can result in a rippling effect. The slow, controlled MicroLipo technique produces a smoother result.

#6 Suitable for small body areas

MicroLipo is particularly effective for targeting smaller body areas such as under the chin, along the neck, the back of the arms and the knees.

#7 Fantastic treatment for Lipoedema

One of the key benefits of MicroLipo is that it is particularly effective at treating Lipoedma as the size of the cannula means it cause less damage to the lymphatic drainage system.

To discover more of the benefits of MicroLipo, call 02033 256 533 or email info@drmooz.com to arrange a consultation with Mr Michael Mouzakis.