5 questions to ask before body contouring surgery

body contouring surgery

We all have areas of our body that we’re less than happy with, even if we’re committed to a healthy and fit lifestyle. Body contouring or body sculpting aims to reshape the body and remove stubborn fat deposits that are resistant to diet and exercise.

We’re all born with a finite number of fat cells that expand and contract depending on how carefully we watch what we eat or how hard we work out. However, genetics and the ageing process can also determine if we have a particular body concern, such as a double chin, muffin top, stomach pouch, bingo wings, or saddlebags.

Now, there are many options for tackling these problem areas, so if you’re considering body contouring, here are some of the questions you should ask.

Which body contouring procedure is right for me?

The best body contouring procedure depends on your current body shape and type and what you hope to achieve. During your consultation with body sculpting expert Mr Michael Mouzakis, you will have a physical assessment and a clear discussion of your concerns and goals so he can advise you on the appropriate body contouring procedure.

If you have small pockets of fat and good skin elasticity, then MicroLipo may be the answer. Larger volumes of fat may respond better to Vaser, which also induces a degree of skin tightening. For slim and toned patients wanting to reveal a more defined physique, Vaser Hi-Def can sculpt around the underlying musculature.

However, if you have very poor skin elasticity or stretched abdominal muscles, a surgical procedure such as a tummy tuck will be the best option, as excess skin can be removed and the abdominal muscles tightened.

Am I a good candidate for body contouring?

The ideal candidate has positive, realistic goals and is fit and well. It is essential to realise that body contouring is not a weight loss procedure, and they should ideally also be within 15 and 20% of their goal weight to get the best results.

Smoking can delay healing and contributes to poor skin elasticity, so the ideal body contouring patient is a non-smoker.

Am I ready to commit to looking after my results?

Although the fat cells removed during your body contouring procedure cannot grow back, it is possible to undermine your results by putting on weight. This means putting more weight on elsewhere or further expanding the remaining fat cells in the treatment area.

Committing to a healthy diet and exercise routine before your body contouring procedure means you are in the best possible shape for surgery. Still, it also means you are more likely to maintain your results post-procedure. Vaser Hi-Def requires strict adherence to weight maintenance.

When will I see the results of my body contouring procedure?

You can expect to see an immediate difference in your body shape, but some swelling can last up to six months before it fully subsides, and you can appreciate your final result.

Are there risks involved?

Vaser lipo and MicroLipo are typically safe and well-tolerated procedures, but there are also potential risks that you should be aware of before deciding to proceed.

These include bruising, pain, infection, skin discolouration, bleeding and asymmetry. Scars are typically minimal and are usually positioned where they will not be visible when healed.

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