This patient underwent chin liposuction to target a double chin and refine their jawline.

Through the Private Clinic I decided to have micro liposuction procedure on my chin area in November 2023 to target a double chin and undefined jawline that I have always been very conscious of.

chin lipo review  Following my initial enquiry I was put in touch with Kerry-Ann Walsh who was very friendly and helpful and arranged my consultation with Mr Michael Mouzakis who would be my surgeon. To be honest I was really nervous and unsure if I would go ahead but Kerry made me feel comfortable straight away and Michael filled me with confidence from the moment I met him, he talked me though the whole process so I knew what to expect and made sure I had realistic expectations of what it would entail and what the outcome would be.

I decided to go ahead and had the surgery in November 23. On the day of the appointment the hospital staff were absolutely lovely and Michael really made me feel at ease, he talked to me throughout the procedure giving me updates and letting me know it was all going well which was really reassuring and whilst in it’s nature the liposuction wasn’t particularly comfortable, I felt Michael ensured I didn’t experience any additional discomfort and it certainly wasn’t painful, I felt safe and like I was in the hands of a skilled professional who knew what he was doing.

chin liposuction reviewFollowing the procedure you have to wear a neck compression garment continuously for 2 weeks (no matter where you get it done!) this was not the most fun experience but it is worth going through as it really helps the results, but for anyone considering the treatment i’d advise making sure you don’t have anything planned during this time! The Private Clinic had ordered me in the garments and given me prescriptions for the medication I had afterwards so I didn’t have to worry about any of that myself.

It is now late January 24 so I had the procedure about 11 weeks ago and i’m really happy with the results! It’s still healing (this can take up to 6 months) and the skin needs to tighten up around my new neckline a little more so it should continue to improve but even so, the change to this point is really really positive and I have a much nicer looking neck and an actual jawline, which I’ve never really had before!

Thank you to Michael, Kerry and the whole team at the Private Clinic for making such a big decision for me feel so worthwhile, I’m very pleased with the experience and the especially the results and I would definitely recommend that anyone looking for chin liposuction choose to go with you.

Chin lipo results

chin liposuction results chin lipo results

Steve Ashworth is a Patient Coordinator at The Private Clinic in Birmingham and aged 33 he decided to have a FUE Hair Transplant procedure with Dr Mooz.

“I first decided that a FUE Hair Transplant was the right procedure for me compared to other hair transplant treatments because of the minimum downtime required after treatment it all seemed very straightforward and fitted into my life and routine easily”

Steve had first noticed the signs of hair loss in his late teens and this resulted in very low self-confidence over the following years.

“My confidence was extremely low for many years, I wouldn’t ever let anyone stand over me or I would never walk down stairs in front of anyone as my crown was very visible.”

After working alongside Dr Mooz convinced Steve that he was the best surgeon choice when he decided to undergo a FUE hair transplant.

“I have been working closely with Dr Mouzakis and he has won me over with his knowledge and his nice manner. The patient’s safety and comfort is at the forefront of what he does which I think is the most important thing to look for in a surgeon, as well as the fantastic results.”

Although Steve felt initially nervous on the day of his operation, Dr Mooz put him at ease during the pre-op consultation and nerves turned to excitement.

Watch Steve’s hair transplant journey in full

Steve's FUE Hair Transplant Story

“I was asleep for most of the extraction (removal of the hair follicles from the back). I felt no pain at all which I was quite surprised about. Dr Mouzakis is a very gentle surgeon and he really looked after me in theatre.”

Hair transplant before and afters
Hair transplant surgery performed by a highly experienced and qualified practitioner should mean minimal downtime and Steve had his hair transplant on the Monday and was back to work on the Wednesday.

“It was amazing how quickly I healed. Everyone has been so supportive and they can’t believe how amazing my results are 6 months in. My dad is even thinking of having a Hair Transplant and he is 67!”

“When I speak to my patients, who have never met me before, and I tell them I’ve had a Hair Transplant they can’t believe me until I show them my before pictures.”

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