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The risks and rewards of plastic surgery

All surgery carries a risk, and when that surgery is elective, rather than a medical necessity, it is important to assess the risk to reward ratio. It is important to ask yourself, do the rewards of plastic surgery outweigh the potential risks involved. With plastic surgery, that decision is just as important as it is […]

Top cosmetic surgeries for the big spring 2021 reveal

After months of being shut up inside with only our nearest and dearest, even the most vain among us have started to neglect our appearance a bit. After all, what’s the point in wearing lipstick if the only living thing that’s going to see it is a dog? And will your three-year-old really appreciate those […]

The rise of wrinkle-smoothing injections for men

It’s been a funny old year, and we’ve all had to change the way we live our lives quite dramatically. Kitchens have been turned into schools, bedrooms into offices, and meetings that would once have been held in boardrooms are now conducted over Zoom, with pets and children making regular cameos. There have been some […]

Zoom boom behind a rise in demand for hair transplants

With almost a year of some sort of lockdown under our belts and working from home very much the new normal, Zoom (or whatever equivalent platform your company prefers) has become part of our everyday lives. And whilst there’s no doubt that video conferencing has made the transition from office life much easier, it does […]


Dr Mooz comments on impact of male hair loss in the Guardian

The impact of male hair loss can be profound and journalist Michael Segalov recently delved into his own fear of losing his locks in the Guardian‘s Observer Sunday paper. In his in-depth dive into male pattern baldness, Michael spoke to experts and scientists including hair restoration expert Mr Michael Mouzakis. Michael is only 27 but […]