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Focus on facial fillers

A recent poll of UK Snapchat users discovered that young men and women increasingly view minimally invasive aesthetic treatments as commonplace. Over half of VICE UK’s 51,000 respondents thought fillers were comparable to getting a facial. While it’s good that much of the stigma about having an aesthetic treatment has been erased, these are still […]

5 things to consider when choosing your hair transplant surgeon

Last week was the first ever World Hair Transplant Repair Day, organised by the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS), the global non-profit medical association and leading authority on hair loss treatment and restoration, of which Dr Mooz is a member. Hair transplant surgeons around the world joined forces to raise awareness of how […]

Dr Mooz becomes the master!

The very best surgeons are committed to continuous learning and expanding their skills for their patients’ benefit. Dr Mooz recently completed a three-day training course with Dr Alfredo Hoyos, a world-leader in body contouring surgery and hi def lipo, and has become a Total Definer Master. During the three-day course, Dr Mooz was trained in […]

Breast Surgery: Augmentation, Uplift and Reduction

There are many reasons why women are choosing to undergo breast surgery. This ranges from individuals seeking relief from physical pain and discomfort to those wanting to enhance their shape in order to boost their body confidence. Whatever the reason, choosing to undergo breast surgery is a big decision. It is important that you have […]

The Benefits of Micro Lipo for Fat Removal

What is Micro Lipo? Micro Lipo is the most recent cutting edge innovation in the field of liposuction and is a highly effective yet minimally invasive alternative to traditional liposuction. It involves using small incisions and microcannulas to gently remove unwanted fat under the skin which is resistant to diet and exercise. It is a […]

The risks of going abroad for a hair transplant

Travelling abroad for cosmetic surgery can seem very appealing. Prices are often lower than undergoing treatment in this country. In recent times, there has been a big rise in men travelling abroad to undergo hair transplant procedures in places like Turkey, Hungary and Greece. Mr Mouzakis has performed over 1600 hair transplants and is a […]

What causes hair loss for women?

Hair loss in men is a topic that has been covered countless times. But hair loss in women is also very common. According to NHS figures, around 8 million women in the UK suffer from some form of hair loss – that’s almost a quarter of the female population. Whilst male hair loss can of […]

Am I a suitable candidate for a hair transplant?

In Mr Michael Mouzakis’ recent Instagram Q&A session, the question that came up time and time again was: ‘am I a suitable candidate for a hair transplant?’ So we thought it was worth dedicating a post to the topic. If you’ve been considering a hair transplant, chances are your hairline is receding, and a hair […]

Why Choose A Qualified Plastic Surgeon?

There’s no doubt that there has been a surge of interest in cosmetic procedures since the beginning of the pandemic. The so-called ‘zoom boom’ has seen some clinics claiming a 500 per cent interest in demand. The reasons for this are several fold: firstly, the rise in video conferencing means we have been confronted with […]

Droopy breasts? Consider breast uplift surgery

National Breastfeeding Week falls on 20th-26th June this year, and we are keen to lend our support to this worthy cause. If you are able to, breastfeeding is the best and simplest way to give your baby all the nutrients s/he needs, whilst also fostering a bond that will last a lifetime. Once your child […]